Sector Aviation

Airplane crash Libya, May 12, 2010, Tripoli

Start date investigation May 12, 2010
End date investigation March 1, 2013
Type investigation Full
Status investigation Closed

On May 12, 2010 an Airbus A330 crashed in Tripoli. The crash killed 103 passengers and crew, including 70 Dutch citizens. The sole survivor was a Dutch passenger.

By international agreement, the state of occurrence is responsible for conducting the investigation into the cause of the accident. Therefore, the Libyan government has composed an investigation team. The French Bureau d’Enquête et d’Analyses (BEA), the French safety board, has been part of that investigation team, because the airplane was manufactured in France. A state which suffered fatalities or serious injuries to its citizens is not part of the investigation team. However, this state has the right to observe the investigation and to visit the scene of the accident. On behalf of the Dutch government, the Dutch Safety Board has been observing the investigation.

The Dutch Safety Board has made an animation, based on factual information from the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority.

This animation shows the aircraft altitude above mean sea level and in some instances height above the ground.

Animation for Windows
Animation for smartphones